Web Projects


PhotoWorkout.com started as a passion project and has since grown into an established website covering everything photography: how to become a better photographer, the latest gear and software, apps, and photo solutions around the web.

The readers are enthusiast photographers, like to shop technology and photo gear, web photo solutions and are mostly based in the USA. The revenue comes from recommending affiliate products and services in the photography and tech world and from display ads (in partnership with the ad management company Mediavine).


My mission with Mappr.co has always been to publish unique and up-to-date maps enriched with interesting and useful content. As someone deeply passionate about geography, maps, and travel, I started this as a personal project.

Over time, it has grown into a global collaboration involving cartographers and content writers from all corners of the world.

ExifReader (Web App)#

ExifReader.com offers a comprehensive solution for managing the EXIF data in your images. This user-friendly web application not only enables you to extract and analyze essential photo metadata, such as GPS location and camera settings, but also provides a convenient option to purge all EXIF information when privacy or data minimization is a concern. The platform is committed to enhancing its capabilities, with plans to introduce additional functionalities to further improve your photo management experience.


RankingHacks.com is essentially a collection of detailed notes and insights I gather from various SEO conferences. With my background in SEO and digital marketing spanning over a decade, I share these learnings in a straightforward, actionable format. The site is a rich resource for anyone interested in the latest SEO strategies and AI advancements, crafted from the first-hand knowledge I gain at industry events.

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